Collier Street Village Hall

Charity No. 292572, registered at Collier Street, Kent, TN12 9RR


...building a new community centre for Collier Street in the 21st century


The bad news:


Unfortunately, our old village hall had become unusable.  After much thought about trying to renovate, we realised it just wasn't economic to fix up, and that its location wasn't ideal.

Our village needs a resource.  We need a space to host children's parties, the senior villagers' Christmas lunch, a Parent & Toddler group and so many more things that should stay in the village itself...

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The good news:

...So, the Village Hall Committee decided we should try and build a new hall for Collier Street - a hall that would allow us to do all these things and more.  A hall to be a resource for the church, the school and all the villagers to use.  A hall, in the right place and for the use of everyone, to become the heart of the village, and help to re-inforce the community it serves.

About Us


Collier Street's hall is managed by the Village Hall Committee.

This is a group of volunteers from the village who administer the hall, plan community events and raise funding for the hall and its activities.

The VHC is now in the planning stage of building a new hall.


Margaret Ashworth, voice of experience

Elaine Day, fund-raiser

David Goff, chairman

Barbara Grandi, vice-chair

Alison Terry, secretary

Giselle Terry, voice of youth

Gareth Waterman, treasurer (and web-site/Facebook page editor)

Contact us by e.mailing Gareth or calling Alison: / 01892 730478