Collier Street Village Hall

Charity No. 292572, registered at Collier Street, Kent, TN12 9RR


...building a new community centre for Collier Street in the 21st century

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The new 'bricks and mortar' hall is still at the planning stage and will be some time in development so for more information please head over to our Facebook page (link above).
This page will now be a virtual village hall for Collier Street with find notices, events and even occasional pieces on the village's history.
In the meantime this web-site is closing (as of November 2017).  We'll come back at such time as we have substantial development regarding the new village hall.  Thanks for visiting and please come join us on Facebook!

Collier Street has had a hall for nearly a hundred years.  The first was built in 1923 and wasn't expected to last nearly a century!

A beautiful place needs a sympathetic space.  It needs a hall to serve the practical needs of the villagers while respecting its environment.

A community space to serve us all.  A hall with room for anyone who wants to use it, for community groups, individuals, the church and school.